Stories Worth Sharing was founded in 2009 by Willi and Gord, who both loved making videos for the communities they were part of. Since then, we have grown into a team of creative individuals, always experimenting with new ideas, concepts, and techniques.

We are inspired by community leader Neil Cox's idea that, “Stories speak to urban life”. We believe that no two people are alike and every person has their own life experiences, which bring and hold people together, and continue to do so in the midst of our busy urban cities.

Stories Worth Sharing was born out of a desire to communicate other people’s life stories through video – unfabricated, just the way it should be. We love it when people gather to watch our videos: the laughs, smiles, and cries are what continue to make what we do really special.

Our story hasn’t ended – we look forward to our next chapter with you.

Headshots courtesy of our friendor, ARTIESE

Willi Loo
Founding Partner + Lead Editor

Willi has been handcrafting our videos since SWS started in 2009. With a keen interest in the human condition he's drawn to the story of peoples' lives. His passion for filmmaking is fuelled by his interest to capture life in a creative and beautiful medium.

Gord Poon
Founding Partner + Director of Photography

Gordon first got introduced to filmmaking in high school. Since then, he has been fascinated particularly by cinematography and the beauty of fine details and composition. He co-founded SWS in 2009 with the purpose of engaging and bringing people together. When he’s not behind the camera, you will find him helping out in the Toronto community or tinkering with scrumptious recipes in the kitchen.