A Tiny Little Island called Iceland


Iceland is kind of unreal. There were a lot of firsts and realizations on the trip. The glass at the gate at the airport is soundproof! As we found out when a bunch of friends were on the flight home as we departed. It is possible for the wind to literally push you around at will. For the first time, I took a day long cold shower fully dressed, unintentionally of course. I met Thor himself and he even asked if we had mouths because apparently we were mutes.

We were there for five days and looking back now, it was pretty crazy all the stuff that we did and saw. From exploring tiny Reykjavik to the windy black beaches of Vik to the Golden Circle seeing the Icelandic Horses, Geysir randomly shooting water and steam into the air, to seeing the depth and power of the Gulfoss Waterfalls up close, to relaxing at the Fontana Geothermal Steambaths where your skin actually does get smoother, to hiking up a glacier getting completely soaked by consistent rain, to being disappointed that the weather wasn't clear enough to see the northern lights, to being amazed at how the weather changes so quickly so we WERE able to see the northern lights and take pictures of clouds.. (ok that was just me), to exploring a lava tube cave where I was honestly surprised that I could fit into and roll and crawl my way through a 1-km stretch underground, to experiencing complete darkness, silence and peace in a cave absolutely in the middle of nowhere, to squeezing our way into dry suits and "snorkelling" in one of the clearest waters on this planet between the North American and European tectonic plates, to taking countless amounts of skittles and peanuts from the hotel lobby.

All in all, I'm glad we travelled here at an age where I'm still somewhat nimble (or could bend at least) and even though the weather was extreme, I'm kind of glad it was, as we got to maybe experience a little bit of how it is to live on this tiny little island called Iceland.

- Willi

Shot exclusively with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition. 
All the good photographs: Janet Kwan.
Music: Of Monsters and Men (Icelandic of course!)