TIME FLIES: What? It’s been 5 years already??


Welcome to our new site!! 

It’s surreal to think that we are almost hitting Stories Worth Sharing’s 6th year of operation. On behalf of the team, I would like to spend some time to share about where we came from and where we’re going with the company:

Stories Worth Sharing is really a miracle story. Willi and I didn’t originally plan to be in the wedding industry and we never imagined becoming business owners. At that time, we just enjoyed making videos.

With little experience in the industry, we started the company literally from scratch. I hadn’t touched a camera in years and Willi owned some basic prosumer equipment. Having absolutely zero wedding videos under our belt, our to-be-married friends at the time took the risk and approached us to film their wedding. We always say that the opportunity was really given to us through a lot of grace and trust, rather than us searching for it. 

From just a few contacts, the news started to spread to more friends that Willi and I filmed wedding videos: through working with our couples, we learned that we really enjoy the process of getting to know the people we work with. I really think that what makes wedding videos special is the ability to capture the shared experience and special moments that make up the relationship and the wedding day. Most importantly, however, is the capacity to encapsulate who the couples are in a way that is unique and unfabricated (a principle that we stand by even for our corporate clients). 

Fast forward, SWS started from a team of two guys to a team of 8. We were very blessed to have the addition of some really talented and skilled individuals (Victor, Chun, Carol) to join us and take us to where we are today. We also got a chance to work with some notable acts such as Furious Pete, Takeru Kobayashi “The Tsunami”, Mychael Danna of Life of Pi and some big brands like Microsoft and Just Eat Canada. Thanks to many of our mentors, vendor-friends, and a hardworking team, we are able to expand our company to weddings and commercial production. 

Today, September 26, 2014, we are proud to announce the launching of our new site: completely revamped for our wedding couples and corporate clients. We hope that you are excited as much we are about our long waited new frontier. Please continue to support us and visit our blog for the latest news. 

Much love and many blessings, 

- Gord