MBA Games 2015 // Passion. Inspiration. Community.


Happy New Year! Hope you’ve had a wonderful start to 2015, and are looking forward to an exciting year head.

We got off to a quick start this year with our coverage of the 2015 MBA Games from January 2–4, 2015, at McMaster University's main campus in Hamilton and the DeGroote School of Business, Ron Joyce Centre in Burlington. The MBA Games is the largest annual gathering of students studying to complete their Masters of Business Administration in Canada, and this year, there were approximately 22 teams of up to 40 students competing in a triathlon of academics, athletics, and spirit events for the coveted Queen’s Cup.

As you'll see, competition was fierce at the Games; SWS was faced with a competition of our own. Even though we've had a lot of experience with event coverage, we were still nervous about covering the MBA Games for the first time. Our goal was to capture and highlight the keywords found in the tag line for the 2015 Games – Passion. Inspiration. Community.

One of the most important steps in SWS’ event coverage process is to research and plan. Before the event, our MBA Games team of Willi, Chun, and I watched previous MBA videos and epic sports videos to get a grasp of the final product we wanted to create. Afterwards, Chun, who provided creative direction and editing for this project, storyboarded the shot sequence for the video so we would know what type of shots we wanted to get on the day of.

While shooting that weekend, we made sure to get that raw and aggressive look inspired by the passion and ambition of the students at the Games. In order to achieve this, we decided on a natural and candid approach to shooting, with no acting or posing from the our subjects. We were also inspired by the look of some HBO sport documentaries, and shot with a high saturation and high contrast custom profile to emphasize the intensity and determination of all the participants that weekend.

We fought long, we fought hard, and (we are proud and relieved that) the reception was well received. A huge congratulations to (1st place) York University’s Schulich School of Business, (2nd place) Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management, and (3rd place) McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business, and all the other teams that competed this year!

This is our take on the 2015 MBA Games. We've really appreciated all the likes and shares this video has gotten – please keep them coming! Enjoy!

- Gord