Fluid 2015 // Gathering young adults to put their faith into action!


Spring is here and wedding season is just around the corner! While we've been ramping up for this year's wedding season, we've also been busy preparing for Fluid Gathering, an annual young adult conference that happened two Saturdays ago. 

The purpose of Fluid is to empower young adults, aged 18–25, to put their faith into action. Various guest speakers are invited from across North America to speak on relevant and timely topics relating to Christian truth, deed, and community. Speakers from Toronto included restauranteur Shant Mardirosian (The Burger’s Priest) and café owner Samantha Chan (Paintlounge), who shared their stories of faith in their workplace. The event had an incredible turnout, with more than 1,600 seats completely sold out! 

Our exciting adventure with Fluid 2015 actually began last fall, when we were commissioned to produce all video-related media for the conference. Before the event even happened, we ventured on to the streets in Toronto and shot a video asking people their thoughts on faith. Then, for another video segment during the conference, we flew to San Francisco to interview New York Times bestselling author and pastor, Francis Chan, on his work and deed in the rundown streets of the Tenderloin. Finally, on the day of the conference, our team banded to capture footage of the event and were also able to get to know some of the speakers more intimately during our video backstage interview. 

A year of planning for this event and it’s finally over! We would like to congratulate the Fluid planning committee for a great event and a successful reception. We hope that the young adults who participated event will be invigorated to make a positive impact in their communities.

Take a look at what Toronto youth have to say about faith:

While we don't have a recap video for 2015 yet, see what happened at last year's event: