Salima + Fayzal // Eglinton Grand


One of the biggest privileges I have is getting to know our couples: during the whole process, I learn so much from them as individuals and as a couple. It was no different with Salima and Fayzal. What I learned about them both is that they are the most caring type of people you can meet. You can tell by the way they talk and interact with their family and friends, and I was so glad I was able to share in the three days of wedding festivities. 

Fayzal's pithi was amazingly...dirty. literally. I always appreciate the South East Asian wedding experience because its filled with so much tradition, colour and fun. For those who are unfamiliar, there is a tradition during a Pithi where the groom is celebrated by getting bombarded by you name it...eggs, flour, oil, ketchup, mustard and basically anything else that would be gross if you got it on your clothes. Fayzal was a champ though and invited the worst from his friends and from the same day could tell they really gave it to him. 

To say that Salima's Puro was more civilized would be an understatement. During this ceremony, it was filled with performances, dancing and chances for friends and family to celebrate with Salima by rubbing some pithi paste on her (apparently its supposed to lighten your skin!) and feeding her some candy.  

On the wedding day, I spent the morning with Salima and arrived early in the morning to find her relaxed and at peace. The morning went as smooth as they go and we were soon on the way to the Westin Prince Hotel to meet Fayzal for their first look. At the back of the hotel there's this beautiful slightly wooded area where they shared a moment in seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day. After all the countless hours of planning and waiting, I could tell that it was worth it for them, to just be with each other. Their Nikkah ceremony where they would be officially wed was at the Unionville Jamatkhana in Markham with all their family and friends there was witnesses. After the ceremony, guests found their way to the Eglinton Grand and during the cocktail hour that is where Salima and Fayzal surprised their guests with their entrance on the dance floor as the theatre curtains were opened and they shared their first dance as all their guests watched from the balcony. 

I want to thank Salima and Fayzal for having Stories Worth Sharing as a part of your day. I am so glad we were able to help capture and share your story and we wish you a lifelong worth of blessings and love. Congratulations! 

- Willi

Wedding Planner // Isabelle Annalise
Photography // NYCE Photography 
Make-up + Hair // Rachel Renna
Limo + Bentley // Allure Limo
Flowers // A Petal of Two
Venue // Eglinton Grand