SWS x With Wendy x Allure of Simplicity // Collaboration Videos


A few weeks ago, we joined forces with popular Canadian YouTuber Wendy Liu and her friend and Toronto fashion blogger Aney Mei to produce videos for their YouTube channels. We were exhilarated when Wendy gave us the call to take on the project! Wendy is someone we've wanted to work with and showcase for a very long time. The opportunity finally came and we were just ecstatic. It has always been in our hearts to connect with creative people in Toronto. 

We love Wendy’s story. She started sewing her own clothes back when she was in university. She was a poor student at the time, so instead of buying clothes, she made her own, using some fabric and sewing tricks her mom had taught her while she was growing up. When she was getting better at it, she started to share her experience on YouTube, people started following, and today, she has nearly 75,000 followers watching her videos on a regular basis! Not only does Wendy have a lot of good content for creative and crafty hands, she is also a really loving individual and caring to everyone she meets. We have seen her active and participating in many charity and community events time and time again. 

We wanted Wendy and Aney's viewers to get a glimpse of the girls on a more personal and intimate level. On the day of the shoot, we went roaming around the streets of downtown Toronto, going to a few of the girls' favourite places to buy fabric, eat, and hang out. At night, we attended the annual World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week, where we were able to take a look at Montréal-based Mackage's fall 2015 collection. If you would like to know more about the event, please read all about Aney's experience on her blog here

Hopefully, SWS will get to cross paths more with fashionable, colourful, and loving people like Wendy and Aney. Until then, you can watch our latest collab videos right here:

Wendy’s video (featuring King TextilesBanh Mi BoysHer Majesty's Pleasure):

Aney’s video (check out her first YouTube video!):