Microsoft // #SiblingLove


Today, we are pleased to officially announce the release of a video series called #SiblingLove that we shot alongside our friends at Make Web Not War for Microsoft Canada. Woohoo! We’re so excited to have once again worked with Microsoft Canada to create content that shares the values that represent their brand and the products that they produce.

The video series contains 11 casual interviews we conducted friends of our team (they weren’t actors!). We didn’t let our friends know any of the questions beforehand, but we wanted to have a chat about their siblings. We asked them some questions about their siblings, such as what their siblings are like, their favourite memories with them, and so on. We weren’t sure how our friends would act on camera or what their answers and reactions would be, but we witnessed some hilarious childhood memories but also some tearjerking moments.

Take a peek at a short cut of all the stories that were shared:

There are a lot of videos, so we're not going to post them all here but, you can check out the entirety of the videos on Microsoft's page here:

So we know what you’re all thinking: “Well these were a few feel-good videos, but what does #SiblingLove have to do with Microsoft?”

This is what Microsoft had to say about it:

“This video series was inspired by Microsoft’s relationship with the Open Source community. Like siblings, we have had our ups and our downs together; and we’re ultimately just really thankful for the continual growth and support of each other. We would like to think of it as Microsoft and Open Source empowering each other, which is why we built Microsoft Azure to be an Open Cloud: made for any application, any framework, any platform.”

Why was this project meaningful for SWS? Well, we’d like to think that no matter what our family situations are like (or even if you have siblings), we all have stories and experiences to share that can help support and encourage each other in the adventure that we call life. That’s what community is all about! :)

Now for a few BTS shots:

Credit:  Ian Kwan
Credit:  Haley Ma


So now we’d like those who are reading this, do you have any #SiblingLove stories to share? We’d love if you could share that with us in our comments below, or even better, share it with us on social media using the hashtag #SiblingLove.