Your big day is coming up and we're so happy you're here!



What is a wedding day? It's a day where some of your closest people come to celebrate, laugh, and cry with you. Sure, you might be thinking that every wedding is the same - the dresses, the cake, the flowers, the rundown. Okay, but here's the thing, you are not the same. Your story is different - your family, your personality, your dating relationship. It's all unique. After-all, isn't it the stories that hold us together? We ultimately hope to share in that experience with you and portray it the best we can in film. 



We are proudly based in Toronto, Canada, and our local commissions start at 3,500 for single-day coverage. We've had the amazing opportunity to travel and be a part of weddings in Vancouver, Banff, Hawaii, and Jamaica. Destination weddings are custom-quoted based on location. We are currently booking weddings up until December 2018.


At the end of the day, we believe that great videos are the result of great relationships.


We care about telling your story: real, genuine and completely you. And we believe that the only way we can accurately portray who you are is by simply getting to know each other. So let's chat – we can't wait to meet you!


First photo courtesy of our friendor, ARTIESE